Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables: The Chakra (rainbow) Diet

When I was teaching my course, Nutrition, Health & Performance at the University of Colorado in Boulder, toward the end of the semester, I would include a lecture about spiritual nutrition. After reading a passage from Autobiography of a Yogi about a woman in India who hadn’t eaten in 56 years, I explained the concept of energy through quantum physics and moved on the concept of entrainment, then introduced the concept of the 7 charkas, the colors (7) associated with each chakra, and finally foods that correspond to these colors and body regions. The root chakra is associated with the color red, and the region this chakra supplies energy to is the base of the spine and the organs in this region. “Ladies,” I would ask, “What are recommended to consume if you have a urinary track infection?” “Cranberries,”, they would respond. “Right,” I continued, “and what color are cranberries?” “Red.” “Excellent,” I would say. The take-home message of the Chakra diet is this: Eat a variety of fruits and veggies. In essence, eat a diet that includes all the colors of the rainbow. The chakra diet is also known as the rainbow diet, and it should be a part of everyone’s daily eating habits to promote optimal health.

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One semester, one of my students confided in me that he NEVER ate fruits and veggies. I cringed at the thought. Not only is fiber essential in the diet (as best as I could tell, he wasn’t getting any), the antioxidants and bioflavinoids, not to mention countless other goodies. Would you consider your diet spiritual in terms of rainbow colors? How many fruits do you consume a day? (fruit juices don’t count). Start thinking of food in terms of colors. Start thinking of food in terms of vibrations (color, after all, is a vibration). What’s for dinner tonight? Be sure to include fruits and veggies in a stunning display of color.

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I started teaching nutrition before Dr. Oz was a household name, but even he recommends the importance of the chakra diet. The following is a link to his website with more info:

Dr. Gabriel Cousins also has information about this on his website too, including several books he has authored:

Here is one more book on the topic regarding cancer:

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We recommended the rainbow diet plan, a program that includes vegetables and fruits from the entire color spectrum, substitutes protein for some carbohydrates, emphasizes unsaturated fats, and ensures adequate fiber. This diet promotes weight loss and provides powerful antioxidants to offset the damage caused by elevated blood sugar.” — Eric Braveman

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Food colors galore! Enjoy!

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