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Sometimes… we become some myopic about our problems, so much so, that we cannot see anything else BUT the problem. Narrow vision, tunnel vision and blind spots are terms used to describe people who stay a little too close to the troubling issues at hand. Distance gives perspective. This is one reason why people take vacations… a chance to remove yourself from your existing situation long enough to get some breathing room and see things more clearly. Researchers have revealed that when people get stressed, they actually begin to lose their peripheral vision. Ancient mystics and contemporary wisdom keepers have a different name for this: “The veils of illusion;” thoughts and feelings that cloud our thinking and perpetuate the feelings of stress. Distance gives perspective.

• Stress Tip For The Day
Are you positioned a little too close to your problem(s). Try backing up several steps (literally and symbolically) to put some distance between you and it. Just be sure to come back. Some people start to give themselves some distance and then end up walking in the opposite direction (remember, avoidance is not a healthy coping technique for stress.) How would your problem look from the perspective of a poor child in India, an alien from the planet Zzorb, a Tibetian monk in Lhasa? Consider giving yourself some distance to your problems today.

• Links/Books Worth Noting:
Singer, Eva Cassidy died much too soon. Her voice brings to mind the choirs of angels, and I know I am not alone in thinking this. Here is a link where she sings John Lennon’s Imagine, a wisdom keeper who got the concept of “From a Distance.” Enjoy this link.

• Quote for the Day:
“Come fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!” — William Butler Yeats

Photo of the Day:
The Spirit of Ireland Trip was nothing less than magical and indeed everyone who went shared how the trip was a life-changing experience—Everyone! The Irish are such great hosts. (Thanks Tom, Brendan and Paddy), and this was complemented by the great weather (unreal in Ireland), the fabulous food (really!) the incredible sacred sites we visited, etc. etc. etc. … I could go on and on.. This photo was taken at the beach where the movie, Ryan’s Daughter was filmed in the 1970’s. Plans are underway to return to the Emerald Isle next summer solstice, so if you are interested, please mark your calendars.

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