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A stress study conducted by the Mitchum Deodorant company years ago found that more people site “listing to music” as their premier way to relax more so than any other technique and although this study was done a while ago, one can assume with the recent introduction of the Ipod to the world culture that things have only increased in this direction. Why is music thought to be so influential on mind, body and spirit? One reason attributed to music has to do with the actual vibrations that we soak in through our entire body (not just the ears). The term is called “entrainment” and it comes to us from the field of physics: The ability of an object to adapt to nearby sympathetic frequencies. One thing researchers have learned about music is that for it to REALLY be relaxing, its best NOT to have lyrics (words begin to involve the left hemisphere of the brain, the side that is really good with perpetuating the stress response). Taste also accounts for a great deal with regard to “how relaxing is the music.” Jazz, new age, and classical are the primary examples of instrumental music which promotes relaxation but it’s best to explore what you like best. Time and time again, classical music scores very high when aspects of heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension are looked at. Perhaps Mozart and Beethoven were really on to something. Go check ‘em out.

Stress Tip for the Day: Stop everything for a moment and simply listen to a favorite instrumental song—completely uninterrupted. Allow your body to float down the river of music and relax—completely. (If you cannot do it now, try this when you get home from work.)

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Well over a year ago, author (and bright star on the planet), Elan Sunstar invited me to contribute a short chapter to his new book, SMILE! The book has just come off the press. The other day “Sun” interviewed me for a little promotional piece for his book. This link will take you there:!_BrianLukeSeaward.mp3

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This photo was taken at the Vermont Mozart Festival several years ago, hosted at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT. I’ll never forget that when the orchestra played Mozart’s Concerto in C minor, birds came out of the woods and hovered over the stage for the entire song. It was magic. CD’s and Ipods are great, but nothing beats live music.

• Quote for the Day:
“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”
—Maria von Trapp

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