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There are many fears known to the human condition, but the “mother of all fears” is the fear of death and dying. So powerfully intriguing is this fear (and what happens afterward) that it has been the subject of speculation through books, plays, movies, songs, and artwork for millennia. What happens when we die may seem like a mystery, but indeed, there are many stories that point the way to a clear answer. Since the advancement of technology that has allowed for people, who for all intents and purposes are dead to come back to life, to share their stories. Many (but not all) return with an identical experience of moving through a tunnel of light, seeing loved ones who have passed and feeling a sense of love and euphoria unparalleled here on earth. Some even come back with insights and information that they never could have had know any other way. These stories come from all over the planet, and their consistency should be explored further (see link below). But trying to measure and quantify the spiritual realms is akin to eating soup with a fork; one might get a taste, but nothing substantial as the physical and spiritual worlds (or dimensions) have very little overlap. Those of us who have had a near-death experience return with no fear of death, perhaps because this part of the hero’s journey has been conquered. Spiritual well being reminds us that while we each will experience a physical death, the life of the soul is eternal. Love is the lesson we come to earth to learn. We have nothing to fear at all.

Stress Tip for the Day:
Treat yourself this weekend to see Clint Eastwood’s movie, Hereafter. I was surprised, and delighted, to see that Mr. Eastwood nailed it; (he got it right… in the wrong hands this topic could be grossly compromised.) Bring some Kleenex! As we approach all hallow’s eve, know that this cross-quarter day in the year is regarded as a time when the veils between worlds are the thinnest, making contact with those who have passed the easiest to connect with (Halloween, as western celebration, kind of misses the boat with the costumes and candy). Also, pay attention to your dreams, as the veils between both words are the thinnest in the dream state as well.

Links, Books & Movies Worth Noting:
Currently, there is research being done on the topic of what happens after we die. This link below cites some interesting studies underway.

Photo for the Day:
In celebration of the cross-quarter day of the veils between worlds (Halloween), here is a photo of a pumpkin patch on a country road in Colorado. Happy Halloween!

Quote for the Day:
“You grow to heaven. You don’t go to heaven.” – Edgar Cayce

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