The truth is that stress can make liars out of all of us. Ask yourself this question, Why do people lie? Stated simply, people lie because of insecurities; unresolved feelings of anger (fight), fear (flight) or both. Freud might say that lying is a defense mechanism of the ego, and he’d be right. Children lie to get out of trouble. So do adults! Martha Stewart lied (perjury) and spent time in jail for it. We lie (big, small, black, white) because we are stressed, or in some cases trying to avoid stress (as in “white lies”), yet perhaps causing more stress down the road. Corporations lie. Politicians lie (some would say, all the time). They say what people want to hear, yet are we any different? To be honest with your thoughts and feelings is no small undertaking. Its a daily challenge. Some people are “brutally honest.” They have yet to learn the art of diplomacy. You can be honest and tactful. You can also be honest and funny (Chaucer was right when he said, “Many a truth be told in jest.”) Honesty and inner peace are not incongruent. To the contrary, they form a symbiotic relationship. Honesty seems to be a rare commodity these dsys, but it doesn’t have to be!

• Stress Tip For The Day
Take an honest look at your thoughts and feelings. Take an honest look at how you express yourself to others. Are your words coated in a film of anger, fear or both? Are you ever the diplomat when you speak your words honestly? Take steps to refine the art of diplomatic honesty, (one way is to attack issues, not people.) Honesty will serve you well in dealing with your own levels of stress today and every day.

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In searching the net for some links on honesty, I found this one and thought it was worth sharing… enjoy

• Quote for the Day:
“Tell the truth, its easier to remember.” — Mark Twain

Photo of the Day:
This is one of my favorite photos from the Ireland trip that I just returned from last week. Our group had a magical experience (FYI: I am taking another group next year, same time, same theme). This is a photo of Slea Head beach on the Dingle Peninsula! With clear blue skies, the water was almost a Caribbean blue, and that’s no lie!

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