How Did You Sleep Last Night?

It’s amazing to think that for the amount of time people spend sleeping (one-third of our lives) how most people don’t spend much thought (or money) on good quality bedding. While stress plays a huge role in insomnia, yet

What you sleep on (e.g. sheets, pillow cases, mattress pads, mattresses, blankets, comforters, etc.) contributes greatly as a factor known in sleep study circles as “sleep hygiene.” If you were to ever spend a night in a high-end hotel, you would immediately know the difference in what constitutes great bedding: down pillows, soft mattress pads, 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets, down comforters, etc. As they saying goes, if you don’t spend time and money on the best bedding for maximum comfort, you are robbing yourself of a good night’s sleep. As one friend of mine adds, “There are many people sleeping on King or Queen size beds, but they sleep like peasants.” Aside from keeping technology out of the bedroom for a great night’s sleep, premium bedding is a must for how you should spend one-third of your life.

Stress Tip for the Day:

Quality bedding isn’t going to removing all the stress in your life, but it’s a great start. The art of calm involves all of the five senses, and the sense of touch is an important one to consider when considering a good night’s sleep. The hotel I stayed at which was a revelation in quality bedding was the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. They have a person who specifically answers phone calls on how to order/purchase the sheets, pillows, comforters, etc., well what you will ever get at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Consider making an overhaul of your bedding so you can sleep like a queen or king.

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Here are a few links to more information on the topic of sleep hygiene.

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“For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has be carried all the way through.” —Steve Job.

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While at the Dromoland Castle in Shannon Ireland last year, I took this photo thinking that one day I might use this for a blog entry… And this was a King size bed with great bedding. Enjoy!

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