Integrity: One’s True Colors

In talking to a colleague the other day, he lamented about his holiday weekend plans. “I’ll be working,” he said. “No one to go home to.” He explained that his wife won a large settlement of money two years ago and the day she got her check, she left him  (only now,  years later, she wants to come back home and make up). In hearing his story, many thoughts went through my head, but the expression true colorsechoed in my ears. Integrity seems to be in short supply these days when one looks at the greed on Wall Street or the gridlock in Washington, sometimes just down the street. A quick look reveals that integrity is used in terms of morals and ethics. A deeper search suggests it simply means honesty. People lie to each other in a great many ways, but the root cause of dishonesty is either fear or anger; the two primary stress emotions. The expression “true colors” means an honest expression of yourself (without filters … or lies). One’s true colors are often reveals by stress. Hemmingway, spoke of the high road when he used the expression, “Grace under pressure.”
Stress Tip for the Day:
What are your true colors? Are they bright or faded? Are they inviting or disdainful? Is your moral integrity a part of who you are or just an idea? Your thoughts and feelings comprise a part of your auric field; that which represents your true colors. Negative fear based thoughts reveal unattractive dull colors. No amount of TIDE will make these colors brighter, nor will the color of your clothes help. In fact, the only way to make your “true colors” attractive to others is to make a habit of cleaning up your thoughts and emotions so they are not fear-based. Honesty is a tough cross to bear for some, due to the power of fear. Metaphorically speaking, here is another perspective… if people could smell your thoughts and emotions, would they find them as dank odors or pleasant fragrances. What are your true colors… If you don’t like what you see, start cleansing the vibrations of your heart and mind.
Links, Books and Movies Worth Noting:
Cyndi Lauper had a hit song called True Colors…. If you can, take a listen on Pandora or Itunes…..
Quote for the Day:
“If someone shows you their true colors, don’t try to repaint them.” — Taina, NYC Poet.
“Tell the truth… it’s easier to remember.”—Mark Twain
Photo for the Day:
Today’s photo is a picture I took of the flag of Cusco, Peru, not far from Machu Pichu (see the mountains in the background?). The rainbow flag of Cusco is symbolic of the divine essence found in the three kingdoms of shamanism, as light bends toward each kingdom. Enjoy!

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  • Barbara says:

    The idea of integrity can be a great thought to bring to the silence of meditation. Sitting in and with your own truth can be powerful and life-changing.
    Thanks Luke for reminding us that living true to oneself can and should be less stressful than the alternative!

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