Ireland Calling: 2011 Trip to the Emerald Isle

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Ireland is a country rich in culture, history and music, yet there is a mystical essence that cannot be described in words. It must be felt in the heart through the landscape, the music, the stories and the land itself. It is this essence that we will capture on the Spirit of Ireland Journey. Not just a simple vacation to a pretty place, the theme of this journey is one of healing; healing the energetic ley lines (meridian points at various Celtic sacred sites, known as “faerie lines” in Ireland); helping to restore the healing energies of these sacred sites and offering compassion in action through daily meditations and reflections. We will visit and hold healing ceremonies at the Drombeg stone circle (County Cork) to the Poulnabrone Dolmen in the Burren region of County Clare and a great many sacred sites in between. We will also enjoy the beauty of the Irish culture and the spirit of Celtic traditions found in the music—LOTS of great music! The southwest region of Ireland is renowned the world over for its stunning beauty and Celtic charm. People often say that traveling to Ireland is like stepping back in time to a land steeped in rich culture, history and spirituality; a less rushed lifestyle in a magical setting, where people meet you with a smile and a twinkle in their eye. Nearly everyone who went last year said this trip was a “life-changing” event in their lives and the friendships forged will last a lifetime. Who Should Come? Any and all people interested in a spiritual adventure to the Emerald Isle, specifically those who wish to travel with like-minded companions and healers interested in participating in a magical journey of Celtic spirituality, Celtic music and Celtic history. Our local tour guides are the best in Ireland and know exactly how to create the magical alchemy we desire for a most memorable experience. You don’t have to be of Irish heritage to enjoy this trip, but those who claim Irish ancestry will be smiling for years to come. Space is limited to 22 beautiful like-minded souls.

• Stress Tip For The Day:
We have just a few coveted spaces open for the 2011 Spirit of Ireland trip (nicknamed Ruins, Runes and Tunes), and we would love to have you join us… Not only will this trip be a great vacation retreat, but a chance to unplug from the world (as you know it) and even practice some stress management skills with your host (e.g., guided meditations, music therapy (Celtic music, of course), guided imagery, support groups, etc, etc….really!) Consider joining us….and start packing your bags…

• Links/Books/Movies Worth Noting:
All the information you need about this year’s trip can be found on the link below:

And…here is a partial list of recommended movies to get you in the Irish mood:
1. Waking Ned Divine
2. Ryan’s Daughter
3. Into the West

4. The Secret of Roan Inis
5. My Left Foot

• Quote for the Day:
My Godmother, Pat O’Connor, passed along this Irish Blessing for today’s quote:

May the sun always shine on your window pane,
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain,

May the hand of a friend always be near you,
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you,

May your blessings be many to the sunshine above you

May your life bring you gladness and always, God love you.

Photo of the Day:
One stop on our tour is to St. Brigit’s Well, an earthen spring recognized with healing qualities of the spring waters that dates back over a thousand years. Celtic lore recognizes the sacred feminine, and St. Brigit symbolizes this, just one aspect of our healing journey.

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