Italy Calling: Please Join Us In Tuscany this September (21-30)

Last year’s group trip to Italy was simply “magical,” so much so, that I decided to plan a second trip back to the heart of Tuscany this year, with a side trip to Assisi (my patron saint is Saint Francis—just had to go there, even if it’s only for a long lunch) and our final three days are in Venice. If you have ever wanted to see these regions of Italy, traveling in the safety of a small group, with some dedicated time (about an hour) each morning for meditation, restorative yoga, music therapy and guided imagery, not to mention some fabulous meals and a gentle immersion into the Italian culture, history, art and ambiance, then please …join us! We have THE best tour company and guides that will make this trip a trip of a lifetime. This trip is open to anyone including couples. Italy is calling.. start packing your bags.

Stress Tip for the Day:

The name of this 10 day-trip is: The Spirit of Italy: Eat, Walk, Meditate, and the trip’s theme is taking care of yourself. This trip will be a time to recalibrate your mind, body and spirit back to a healthy balance of living, with some life skills to take back home to integrate back into your life. Vacations can be stressful, but based on the comments from people who went last year, our trip was a flawless effort of relaxation and comfort. This year’s trip will be the same, perhaps even more so. We have 5 spots left and we have no doubt this trip will fill up soon. If you have any questions, please email or call me and I will be glad to answer them for you (303) 678.9962. One of the subtle underlying themes of this trip, based on the slow food movement, is to slow down to a comfortable pace of life… to enjoy life.

Links, Books and Movies Worth Noting:

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The PDF brochure with registration form can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Quote (s) for the Day:

“Life offers you a thousand chances. All you have to do is take one.” — Frances Mayes, author, Under A Tuscan Sun

“A person who has not been to Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority.” —Samuel Johnson

“Certainly, in Italy, nobody takes light for granted.” — Barbara Steele

Photo for the Day:

Every street in Italy looks like it was filmed in a movie (and perhaps was). This photograph depicts the flavor of Pienza, a small walled city in which scenes from the 1968 movie, Romeo and Juliet were filmed.

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