Love Heals

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Norman Cousins, the guy who put humor on the map as a healing modality back in the 60’s, walked up to the podium mic at one of his last talks and said this: “I never said that humor cured me!” There was a gasp from the audience who came to hear the exact opposite in his message. Then he added, “In fact, I never said humor healed me!” Another gasp from the audience, now flummoxed with the content of his speech. “What I said,” Cousins growled into the mic, “was that it was love that healed me. Humor is simply a metaphor for love.” Profound words indeed! To that we can add, patience, forgiveness, optimism, faith, creativity, and compassion are also metaphors for love as well. There are many colors in loves rainbow. Driving by the Boulder hospital, a banner draped over the side of the front read: Love Heals (Norman would be proud!) At a time when our health care system remains in crisis, it was a beautiful reminder of the essence of healing. The opposite of love is fear (stress), and there is much fear today. Fear doesn’t heal anything. When fear persists beyond the point of getting out of danger, it only makes things worse. If fear is a toxin, then love is the antidote.

• Stress Tip for the Day:
Take a moment to reflect on the concept of love. Not romantic love (although that certainly isn’t a bad idea either). Sit still, close your eyes and contemplate the profundity of love, in all its many colors. Think of a time when you were in a state of bliss. Recreate both the thought and feeling in your mind and body and let this feeling radiate from your heart in all directions. Carry this feeling of love as you embark on your daily routine. When you meet fear (from other, or that produced in your own mind) open your heart. Given the chance, love conquers all.

• Links Worth Noting:
I received an email about a new documentary movie, called Oh My God, coming out this weekend in select cities. Here is the preview for it.

• Photo of the Day:
Speaking of rainbows, how about a photograph from the land of rainbows: Hawaii!
This photo was taken last December on one of my pilgrimages to Kauai. Enjoy.

• Quote for the Day:
“Do all things with love.” —Og Mandino

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