Mountains and Molehills: Stop It!

We’ve all done it….taken a simple problem and turned it into a catastrophe, letting it build bigger and bigger in the depths of our minds. Fear builds upon fear and soon what was once a small bump in the road has become an insurmountable version of Mt Everest. Left undisciplined, the ego can turn any situation into a disaster. In the field of psychology this is referred to as “irrational thoughts;” in essence making a mountain out of a molehill. While real problems really do exist and we will surely encounter these in our lives, there is no sense adding to life’s difficulties by adding unnecessary stress. Thought stopping is a technique to stop irrational thoughts from keeping you immobilized by fear-based thinking. Good stress management includes cultivating a clear mind free of fear-based thoughts that derail our human journey.

• Stress Tip for the Day:
Take some time each day to observe your thoughts as you are thinking them or speaking them. (By the way, this is the purpose of meditation… to observe your thoughts and discipline your ego from turning molehills into mountains!) Question your thoughts. Do they pass the “Is this a rational thought” test? As the bumper sticker says: Don’t believe everything you think! When you find yourself conjuring up negative thoughts or fear-based thoughts, domesticate your ego by telling yourself to stop that thought and find a new (healthier) direction of thinking. If you want to see a version of how this works, check out the youtube link below.

• Links Worth Noting:
Thought stopping is a commonly used technique to stop irrational thoughts. Bob Newhart took this idea one step further in a television skit. It is hilarious and something I am sure many therapists have always wanted to say to some clients. Watch the clip till the very end.

• Photo of the Day:
I just came back from a trip to New England where I had the good fortune to go whale watching off of Cape Cod. Whales were a-plenty. Here is one photo from the excursion (and wait till you see the film footage for the documentary, EARTH SONGS!)

• Quote for the Day:
“Tell the truth… it’s easier to remember.”
— Mark Twain

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