Personal Power: Don’t Give it Away

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One of the primary components of self-esteem is the concept of empowerment. The word “empowerment” is often overused, but in essence, it means this: Capitalizing on your inner strengths for inner balance. Stress can magnify our insecurities, painting us into a corner— exactly at the time when we need to take action. Sadly, in this age of celebrity stardom, empowerment is in short supply. The reason is that people (non-celebrities) tend to give their power away. By this I mean they tend to focus on other people’s strengths and achievements rather than cultivate own own. Movie stars, athletes, politicians, authors, rock stars, spouses, gurus (especially gurus) are the focus of people’s unyiedling attention, admiration, and adoration (power). It’s only when we take back our power do we regain our center of spiritual gravity and live our lives in balance.

• Stress Tip of the Day
While it’s certainly OK to admire people for their talents, take inventory of how you admire someone (the word fan comes from the word fanatic). We don’t so much put people on pedestals as we stand in ditches (lowering ourselves), stuck in our own problems (trust me, even celebrities have their problems). So today, make a list of YOUR inner resources, YOUR star qualities. Add to this list those resources you would like to cultivate in yourself (e.g., sense of humor, creativity, optimism, faith) then get started exercising these spiritual muscles to round out your highest potential.

• Books Worth Noting:
Many people also give their power away to their physicians rather than taking initiative for their own health. Physicians are great with drugs and surgery, but there are many tools in the tool kit. Empower yourself to find this balance as well.
I highly recommend the book called Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer. The book is written by Suzanne Sumers (known for her roles in the movie American Graffitti and the television show, Three’s Company. Suzanne has been a health activist for many years, since her own health issues, which she masterfully conquered. A good addition to any health library.

• Photo of the Day:
I took a much-mental health day yesterday and went skiing at Copper Mountain. In Colorado we call a mental health day a “powder day.” Beautiful blue skies, clean air, fresh snow and lots of sunshine. That’s what I call empowerment! Enjoy!

• Quote for the Day:
“You are perfect. The only time you are not perfect is when you compare yourself to somebody else. Be yourself, everybody else is taken.” — Rose Pere

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