Personal Power: Don’t Give It Away

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Spiritual luminaries the world-over have a common message: You are a beautiful soul. As much as we hear this message we tend to forget it, ignore it, or simply don’t believe it. Our personal power, often described as our personal energy (some say our self-esteem), is dynamic, but like a leak in a canoe that takes in lots of water, we continually hemorrhage our power giving it away to others (all kinds of people from physicians and professional athletes to movie stars and politicians).  Here is an example: Last week’s cover story of Newsweek: Heaven is Real: A Doctor’s story. To be honest, if we need a Harvard physician to confirm our spiritual beliefs about heaven we are all in trouble. Personal power is greatly diminished when we give our power freely to others (many of whom don’t even want it). While it is nice, and sometimes necessary to seek validation of your thoughts and perceptions, giving your power away is never a good idea. It only degrades your self-esteem and robs you of your personal power. Time to take back your power and keep it.
Stress Tip for The Day:
Time to take inventory of where you might have leaked your personal energy. Do you give your power away to other people (spouses, sports teams, friends,  or colleagues). Take an honest look to see if you have knowingly or more likely unknowingly, given your power away. Giving your power away happens in many ways, from repeatedly “dropping names” to being all too consumed with the lives of others rather than living your own life.  Taking back your power includes building your self-esteem, seeing your own true worth and knowing that you, being yourself, is essential to the integrity of humanity. As the expression goes, “Be yourself. Everybody else is taken.”  So take back your power today… and keep it. Remember the wisdom of the sages: You are a beautiful soul. Let light shine through your heart each and every day.
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Quotes of the Day:
“You are perfect. The only time you are not perfect is when you compare yourself to others.” — Rose Pere
Photo of the Day
The fall colors in Colorado are amazing this time of year. This photo was taken near Aspen, Colorado; mountain peaks called the Maroon Bells. Enjoy.
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