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Pictured above are three white substances that Americans have a voracious addiction to: Sugar, bleached flour and salt. This, along with coffee, have become the four major food groups in the American diet (smile). Nutritionists refer to these four substances as cornerstones to the Standard American Diet (also known as SAD, and sad it is). These substances are quite common in processed foods, junk foods, comfort foods and fast foods; basically the foods people grab when pressed for time or stressed-out emotionally. By and large these types of foods are classified as empty calories because they contain no nutritional value. Research continues to reveal that not only do these foods contribute to weight gain, they also are associated with hypertension (particularly salt) and a suppressed immune system (primarily sugar). Having just returned from a trip to Turkey, I was frequently asked what was my most surprising find? Like others, I immediately noticed that there are few, if any, obese people in Turkey, (it was a culture shock coming back through O’Hare airport!). And while Turkey’s culinary desserts, such as Baklava, were indeed sweet, every dinner was complete with an encore of fresh fruit. Cravings for foods of the “white powder” kind can often reveal an imbalance (e.g., sugar cravings may indicate a poor intestinal flora balance resulting in Candida). For better health and longevity, consider quitting your addiction to white powder!

• Stress Tip(s) for the Day:
Do you have an addiction to white powder? How is your consumption of table sugar or salt? Do you crave baked goods that come in easy-to-open packages? Here is a test: Try giving up all things processed sugar for the next 30 days (the typical length of time for a addiction recovery period). When eating out at restaurants, avoid using table salt. Typically restaurants use high amounts of salt in the preparation of food; you don’t need to add to this. Whole wheat is always the best option over bleached flour, and fresh fruits and veggies are the preferred choice for nutrient dense foods.

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This link has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of today’s blog, but I was so impressed with this I just felt compelled to pass it along, if for no other reason, its fun to watch, and it’s a good message. Enjoy!

• Quote for the Day:
“The bottom line is that sugar upsets the body chemistry and suppresses the immune system. The stronger the immune system the easier it is for the body to fight infectious and degenerative diseases.” —Nancy Appleton, Ph.D., author, Licking the Sugar Habit

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White powder substances are found in nearly every home and perhaps worse, found in so many fast foods, junk foods, processed foods and comfort foods that can lead to serious health related issues.

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