Random Acts of Kindness in a Frenetic World

Laura Wellington was less than a half a mile from the finish line when she heard a loud explosion. Stunned, she stopped to ask someone what had happened only to learn that the location where her family was waiting in downtown Boston was bombed. She was quickly diverted away from the marathon route. Once she made contact with her brother, Bryan, via cell phone and learned everyone in her family was all right, she sat down and cried. At that moment a married couple walking by stopped to comfort her. The man asked if she had finished the race. Laura shook her head no, whereupon he took his coveted Boston Marathon Medal, placed it around her neck and said, “You are a finisher in my eyes.” In between her tears and sobs, she said thanks. Laura never learned this stranger’s name, but will forever be indebted to his random act of kindness. That afternoon, hundreds of similar act were performed for total strangers across the city, all in the name of compassion proving that in times of stress, proving that humanity can rise to our finest hour. No less amazing were the scores of runners who crossed the finish line after running 26+ miles only to continue running a few more miles to the nearest hospital to donate blood. To paraphrase the words of Mother Theresa, “there are no small acts of compassion; all of these acts are great.” Times of stress may seem anything but spiritual yet there is always a choice; the ego reacts, the soul responds. Take time to respond in kindness. Thanks to all those people who showed us the way of the heart.
• Stress Tip For The Day:
Although at times it may not seem like, life is a spiritual journey. Like the runner who was knocked down by the explosion as he neared the finish line only to get up and cross the finish line, we are all called upon to rise to our highest potential. In many cases, this means putting others first, by giving comfort to those who need it. To give of ourselves so that others can simply get by. Random acts of kindness, however, are needed everyday. They are anonymous gestures of kindness without reciprocation.  Over the past week, we have seen many of these acts. Many more are needed. And realize when you give you also receive.
• Links/Books/Movies Worth Noting:
A friend from Boston passed along this link the day after the Marathon. If nothing more please take the time to scroll through these pages. It will truly lift your heart.
• Quotes for the Day:
We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.” —Aboriginal Proverb
“The ego reacts, the soul responds.”— Brian Luke Seaward
• Photo of the Day:
This photo was on Laura Wellington’s Facebook page, with credit and thanks for her story.
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