Rejoice: The Sky is NOT Falling!

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The other day I happened to listen to NPR’s Talk of the Nation show. On the air was a NASA scientist who has garnered much Youtube renown for his attempts to explain why the world is NOT coming to an end on 12-21-12. Over the past year he has done his best to dispel these stupid rumors of the world’s demise by rogue planets (Planet X), magnetic pole shifts, and other nonsense hyped by fear mongers—from Hollywood to Fox News, all milking the end of the Mayan Calendar as “apocalypse now.”  The events of Hurricane Sandy haven’t helped. Perhaps most disturbing (to me and him) were the emails this scientist received from people asking when they should euthanize their pets and what was the best day to commit suicide as to avoid Armageddon (seriously, I am not making this stuff up!) The bottom line is that the world is NOT coming to an end (just as an FYI, people have been predicting the end of the world for millennia, and they have all been proven wrong). Fear-mongering is a toxin to the human spirit. With all due respect to the new James Bond movie, I repeat, the sky is NOT falling.
Stress Tip for The Day:
Indeed, there is much fear in the world today, most of it unfounded, nearly all of it potentially immobilizing. One great technique used in stress management circles is called “stress inoculation,” a mindset where you metaphorically vaccinate your mind to negative thoughts and become immune to the fear-based thoughts of others.  This metaphorical vaccination is made up of sound wisdom, faith and confidence in yourself that indeed, you can overcome any adversity). So without being rude to anyone, make a habit of rising above the conversations of gloom and doom. Don’t contribute to the energy virus of fear-mongering. Spend time with people of optimism who walk the path of compassion and light heartedness, even humor. Find the humor (mostly absurdity) in the banal chitter-chatter of fear-based comments, then walk away without adding to it. Smile with the knowledge that you are always in good hands. Step outside today and look up in the sky, and appreciate the beauty wherever your eyes take you.
Links and Books of Note:
Here is the link to yesterday’s NPR’s show… enjoy!
Quotes of the Day:
“The good life is one inspired by love and guided by wisdom.” —Bertrand Russell
Photograph of the Day
Today’s photo was taken last week while I was in Ireland. I got up early one morning to see the sunrise and caught an early morning rainbow over the Doonagore Castle tower outside of Doolin, County Clare. Rainbows are always a great sign of faith (and my group trip to Ireland next June is on, come hell or high water (or both). Enjoy!
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