Resiliency: To Bounce Back

This week I was invited down to the Colorado Springs  Olympic Training Center to attend the 2012 Paralympic Games; an international sports event for people with disabilities. It was there I met Mac, a young 20-year old US Army soldier who has lost his right leg in the war in Afghanistan. He was excited to compete in the 50 yd freestyle event. “I’m not really a swimmer, ” he told me, but as someone who does swim, I was humbled by his efforts. In my eyes Mac is quite the hero indeed, and Joseph Campbell would be proud. Mac has demonstrated the importance of resiliency on the Hero’s Journey. I met several other members of the US Army (all heroes), but Mac made the biggest impression on me. In describing his story, it was easy to see that he demonstrates the epitome of resiliency. Mac has truly picked himself back up again after a mighty fall, and through it all keeps smiling.  There are many things that contribute to resiliency: Faith, hope, optimism, humor, patience, humbleness, and compassion. I could tell that Mac has not only found the formula, but drinks from it every day. We would all do well to follow his lead!
Stress Tip for the Day:
Life is going to hand you several knocks and most likely a few blows. Each time you have a choice to make: to stay down (and feel sorry for yourself) or… pick yourself back up and keep moving. Resiliency isn’t a gift for a choose few. It’ a birthright for everyone. Take time today to review your life standing. It’s OK if you have had a pity party (that’s normal). What’s not normal it to hang on to the grief on a daily basis. Make a plan today to elevate yourself (through humor, faith, optimism, etc.) and get back on your two (metaphorical) feet. The world is waiting for you.
Links, Books and Movies Worth Noting:
This video link should lift your spirits… enjoy:
Quote for the Day:
“Sometimes to be whole, you have to have a piece missing.” —Mac
Photo for the Day:
 This photo of Mac before he entered the water to workout for his paralympic events. When you see a member of the armed forces, take time to thank them for their service.
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