Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water in Russian

Today I received my copy of Stand Like Mountain, Flow Like Water... in Russian. I can recall growing up as a kid learning that people in Russia weren’t allowed to believe in God. Spirituality went underground. The KGB sent many people to Siberian gulags or worse, put them to death. Who would have ever thought a book like mine might be translated in Russian? I never did. I just had to share the excitement (and if anyone knows what the actual translation of the title is, please let me know.) Thanks!

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  • Compliments for the Russian version of your book! The title is really intriguing: it says -‘stress as a stimulus for spiritual dvelopment/growing’. Would be interesting to read it.

  • Dear Dr. Millere, Thanks for your posting. I also learned that the Title includes this: Living in Harmony. They even changed my name to write that in Russian as well. Best wishes,
    Brian Luke Seaward

  • The title is: Life in Harmony/stress as a stimulus for a spiritual growth.Talking about your name, in my oppinion the translation of it is fine. Hopefully the book has your original name included, in case smb wants to google it, to find out more about your work. Anyhow, the most important is that your book/work reaches a really wast auditory of people reading in Russian.

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