Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Have you ever found yourself distracted during meditation? Does the stressful nature of life and work leave you frazzled and unbalanced? If so, you are not alone.

NatureScapes is a sanctuary in sound—a fusion of sonic harmony (therapeutic 40 Hz music), 432 Hz binaural beats, and soothing nature sounds. This carefully crafted audio collection is designed to help you to enhance your focus, calm stress and anxiety, and promote tranquility.

This powerful auditory experience is the result of a collaboration between renowned stress-management expert Dr. Brian Luke Seaward and Grammy award-winning musician Greg Papania, who skillfully composed these tracks to blend the essence of nature with the mastery of sound. Seaward and Papania have ingeniously woven together sonic elements to create five 90-minute tracks:

  • Relaxing Summer Rain
  • Peaceful Caribbean Waterfall
  • Calming Summer Evening Crickets
  • Soothing Ocean Waves
  • Serene African Frogs

Using the technology of “White noise” Seaward and Papania have blending some amazing natural sounds and mixed these with a bed of music that was created to help calm your mind, body and spirit. Dive into this potent blend of sonic harmony, binaural beats, and soothing nature sounds to help ease stress and anxiety and enhance your focus and tranquility.

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio. Purchase through here.

Naturescapes is also available on iTunes.



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