Soul Spa Retreat (Virtual)


Early Bird Pricing Ends February 22, 2021.

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Breathe. Relax. Repeat. Repeat again and again. The past 10 months have proven to be a real test; a test of patience, character, will power, healthy boundaries, even forgiveness. These are all parts of the health of the human spirit. In this time, and we are not done with this by any means, it is imperative to take pause, regroup, and recalibrate a new course correction for the year ahead. This one-day virtual retreat is an invitation to do just that. To pause, regroup, and recalibrate the health of your human spirit. In a day and age where egos run amuck, this day is dedicated to nourishing the soul and enhancing the health of the human spirit.

I call this a “soul spa” retreat (a live, virtual experience this time around, but someday we will do this again in person, promise). The purpose is to add/refine some ideal tools to your personal stress management and resiliency toolkit, and to help you navigate through any troubled waters and challenges that may be encountered ahead, so you can emerge grounded, centered and with a deeper sense of inner peace and confidence. In addition to the live guided mental imagery exercises, wisdom circle chats and soul-searching exercises, you will walk away with some new MP3 audio podcasts to add to your personal wellness toolkit.



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