Stress and the Addictive Process

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Experts tell us that there are two kinds of addictions: Substance addictions and process addictions. Substance addictions include drugs and alcohol. Process addictions involve repeated behaviors and the list is nearly endless: eating, gambling, sex, watching television, shopping… you get the idea. In each of these types of addiction, the person engages in a specific behavior to get “a fix,” yet the “high” doesn’t last long and hence is repeated (some say that people are filling a spiritual void with material things, which will never work). The newest process addiction to reveal itself today is technology, specifically cell phone use and right behind it is WiFi use (emails, twitters, text messaging, etc.). Perhaps you have noticed. There IS a good reason why the Blackberry is called the “CrackBerry”. A recent report on the BBC stated that cell phone use is now denied in many board room meeting because no one is paying attention (they are too busy fingering the keypads). College professors see this all the time with their students, who fidget under their desks with their cell phones during lectures. And sadly, scores of people have died in car accidents due to someone not keeping their eyes on the road. All of this is sending untold ripples of stress in many directions.

• Stress Tip of the Day
Do you have an addiction to technology? How many times a day do you check your emails? Is your cell phone turned on all the time? Are you accessible by phone 24/7? These are some serious questions to ask as this new social addiction takes hold. Healthy boundaries are a must with technology. It is mean to serve us, however most people find themselves a slave to it. If you find yourself a slave (dependent) on technology in terms of getting that next fix… consider some healthy options. The status quo becomes a endless whirlpool that perpetuates stress.

• Books/links Worth Noting:
Roberta Lee, MD. has a new book out called The SuperStress Solution. If you are looking for some new insights into how to find balance in your life, please consider adding this book to your library.
And.. I am happy to say that my new website was launched yesterday. It too has lots of information about finding peace and balance. Please check it out.

• Photo of the Day:
I went looking through my files for a photo of a cell phone, but instead opted to place a nice nature photo instead. Today’s photo is a beautiful waterfall in Iceland. Enjoy!

• Quote for the Day:
“If you read a lot of books you are considered well read. But if you watch a lot of TV, you’re not considered well viewed.” —Lily Tomlin

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