Stress, Breast Cancer and the Wired Bra

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Here is a fact that you may not be aware of: While the heart is the pump for the circulatory system, the lymphatic system has no pump to circulate the family of white blood cells around the body to search and destroy pathogens (including cancer cells). Rhythmic cardiovascular exercise is the best way (perhaps the only way) to increase the circulation of the lymphatic system. One of my colleagues, Donna Eden, shared with me that, as a healer, she has noted that women who wear wired bras tend to have very poor circulation of their lymphatic system, particularly the lymphatic ducts around the breast area. Hence, she noted, that they are more likely as candidates for breast cancer. She recommends that women NOT wear wired bras, if they might be prone for breast cancer. Another friend and colleague of mine, Christine Bonoli, shared with me that she uses wired bras BUT removes the wire, telling me that the extra-reinforced sewing still gives more support than not wired bras. Something to consider! Breast cancer is a HUGE problem in this country; one not with stress, and while there are many factors involved, this is one aspect you have control over. November is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (yeah!), but why wait till November to become aware?

• Stress Tip for the Day:
First: If you are a woman who wears a wired bra, consider your options, including removing the wire and still using the bra. Sports bras, I am told, also offer extra support.
Second: One cannot underscore the importance of regular rhythmic cardiovascular exercise; even walking, as this helps promote the circulation of the lymphatic system.
Third: Consider a regular lymphatic massage to help cleanse the lymphatic ducts around the breast area.

• Links Worth Noting:
Let there be no doubt, there is great stress involved with breast cancer. Many women I talk to find it awkward to talk about, not to mention a self-breast exam (and… did you know that more men find lumps in women’s breasts than women?) And guys, did you know that men can get breast cancer too? In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this is posted for women and men to visit:

• Photo of the Day:
This photo is a poster for a play in the Denver area called Girls Only, “celebrating the feminine with humor, truth and honor.”

• Quote for the Day:
I got a postcard from my gynecologist. It said, “Did you know it’s time for your annual check-up?” No, but now my mailman does. ~Cathy Ladman

“ There are far too few pairs of beautiful breasts in the world.” — Westly to Princess Buttercup in The Princess Bride

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  • Anonymous says:

    It’s not just the underwires in bras that are bad. If any bra leaves red marks or indentations in the skin, then it is too tight and is constricting the lymphatic drainage.

    Never sleep in a bra. If you choose to wear one, do so for as little time as possible.

    Keep in mind that the female human form did not evolve to need 20th century lingerie for support. Women should not need an external garment to support their breasts. In cultures where there are no bras, women, even large breasted ones, have no problem with their breasts.

    Bras are a form of breast binding, as primitive and destructive as foot binding was to Chinese women. Bras are remnants of the corset, which killed women with constriction. It’s time we get rid of them, and end the breast cancer epidemic.

  • Jenifer says:

    I have three bras, 2 of them are Nursing sleep bras and one is nursing sports bras!

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