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In times of trouble, we often seek help to alleviate our stress. This ageless coping technique goes by a name: Information Seeking and the self-help book industry had made a fortune off of this technique! Whether its turning to self-help books, asking questions of friends, family or mentors or Googling a specific topic, culling information to make sense out of a difficult situation is one of the best known coping techniques to reduce stress. A smart person, however, knows that one source of information never contains the whole picture, nor all the answers. Patients are suggested to get a second opinion from other doctors, news reporters are required to back up their first source with second and third sources of information for accuracy. In times of stress, we should do the same. The Internet is great, but it is not the Akashic Hall of Records. Don’t limit your search simply to Remember…there is a good reason why elders are often called “wisdom keepers.”

• Stress Tip for the Day:
If you find yourself looking for help make it habit to shop around for information that will lead you back to homeostasis. Look for consistency among answers. Don’t stop with the first piece of information you track down. Back it up with a second source. Know the difference between information and wisdom. Wisdom is perhaps best described as “information and experience… accrued over time.”

• Link Worth Noting:
My friend sent this link which I thought was worth sharing as well; its a video clip of a man and a dolphin. Enjoy!

• Photo of the Day:
Some predict that the day of books is over, with the Internet as a dominant force in our lives. I hope not! I chose to use a photo of books from my library in the hopes that books will never go out of style (and I am not just saying that because I am an author!). By the way, The Prophet by K. Gibran is a great book.

• Quote for the Day:
“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” —James Joyce

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