Stress & The Dangers of Cell Phone Use

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Did you ever hear about the numbers of policemen who contracted testicular cancer from the use of radar guns to catch speeders? It’s true. Radiation from these “guns” caused big problems. Years ago, Dr. Robert Becker came out with a landmark book called Cross Currents, where he espoused the dangers of power lines and their connection to cancer. Since the advent of cell phone technology many experts have noted the possible dangers of cell phone use with brain cancers and other health-related problems. While preliminary research was conducted by the cell phone companies with “no apparent danger,” new research suggests other wise. Here are the facts: Cell phones emit an ELF micro wave that is incompatible with the harmonics of human physiology. These micro waves destroy DNA, RNA and mitochondria. When this happens cancer isn’t far behind. Initial symptoms include headaches, insomnia and general fatigue. There is a HUGE experiment going on with cell phone use, and sadly there is no control group for this data collection. While cell phones surely promote convenience, the real question is at what cost? Specifically at what cost to your health. Cancer isn’t always deadly these days, when caught in time, but it is surely expensive. The biggest concer is the number of children who use cell phones. The human brain doesn’t completely form until age 25. One cannot ignore the danges of micro wave energies at close range to the human brain!

• Stress Tip For The Day:
If you have a cell phone, consider using it for emergencies only, not for prolong phone calls. Use your landline phone for all other calls. If you don’t have a landline, consider reinstalling one. Cordless phones are considered equally bad. Texting may be better than cell phone calls, but radiation is radiation. Do your best to minimize your exposure to cell phone radiation. Become educated on this matter (see links and book list below).

• Links/Books Worth Noting:
There are two books I HIGHLY recommend plus one article on this topic which I think should be required reading by everyone:
1. Cross Currents, by Robert Becker
2. Disconnected, by Devra Davis
3. Dangers of Cell Phones, by Christopher Ketchum

• Quote for the Day:
“With the advent of our electrified modern life, we and all other living creatures on this planet are flooded in a sea of radiation never before encountered in our evolutional history.” —Devra Davis.

• Photo of the Day:
This photo scan is from an article in US News and World Report.

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