Ten Reasons to Join Us in Ireland

The unofficial countdown has begun for the Spirit of Ireland Journey in 2011. We pride ourselves on an authentic experience of the true Irish/Celtic traditions. What makes this trip different than most is that this journey isn’t just a vacation to a pretty place, it’s a calling to offer healing energies, healing intentions, prayers and compassion at various sacred sites on the Emerald Isle for environmental stability and world peace while at the same time establishing lifelong friendships with people of like mind and hearts. Not to mention this is a culturally rich experience, par excellence! When people share a unique experience such as this, not only do reciprocal personal healings occur, but bonds of friendship form that last a lifetime. We have 3 spots left to round out our special group of 22. The final payment deadline is March 30th. For many reasons that time/space won’t allow, most likely this may be our last group trip of this type. If you are tempted to join us, this is the year!

Here are some GREAT reasons to consider joining us in Ireland:
1. We have two (2) private musical house concerts with some of the most revered folk musicians in all of Ireland gracing the stage.

2. A night of cultural entertainment awaits us as we take our seats in the Natural Folk Theater for a production of Conn Lirr, a Riverdance/swan lake type fairytale of epic proportions.

3. We have a whole day with spiritual luminary P. J. Curtis (close friend and colleague of the late John O’Donohue) who will share his remarkable knowledge of Celtic spirituality, lore, and wisdom.

4. A trip to the beloved Aran Island or Innishmere (weather permitting), something even most natives haven’t done.

5. A trip to Skellig Michael, an Island sanctuary and the beginning of the Archangel Michael Ley-line (weather permitting) with a special healing ceremony.

6. Not only a tutorial on beginning photography, but you will receive a CD-Rom of 40 professional photographs of the Southwest Region of Ireland to use as screensavers or prints.

7. Three (3) music CD’s containing many of my favorite Celtic/Irish songs (and I have quite the extensive library of Celtic music!)

8. Each person will receive an autographed Doors of Ireland poster from…yours truly.

9. A chance to experience authentic, live Irish music in several local pubs, and try your hand at singing a song (or reciting a poem, if you wish).

10. If you are looking for a way to make a difference in the world, joining a group of like-minded healers is one way to unite these efforts for the common good of humanity.

11. Be forever changed and enlightened as a “peace ambassador” for the world.

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Quote for the Day:
“There is a quiet light that shines in every heart…the gift of the world is our first blessing” — John O’Donohue

Photo for the Day:
Today’s photo is a scene of perhaps the most famous stone circles in Ireland, The Drombeg stone circle, a neolithic site created to honor the winter solstice, a site we will visit while in Ireland. Not as big as Stonehenge in England, but in its own way, equally impressive.

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