The Art of Happiness

New beginnings start with a fresh attitude. What does it take to be happy? The answer isn’t money. Nor is it material possessions, family or lots of friends. First and foremost, happiness begins with a decision to be happy. Happiness starts with an attitude to see the beauty in life, recognize the good in people, to focus on the light rather than the darkness and appreciate the simple things life has to offer. Happiness is another word for good stress (also known as eustress). Happiness is a state of mind. Granted, in a world that often seems filled with angst, it takes a little more to stay focused on the mantra of bliss, but it’s not an impossible task. When I worked with Olympic athletes years ago, we called this “mental training.” Regardless of whether you’re an Olympic athlete or merely an essential planetary citizen, we all need to train our minds (both at the conscious and specifically, the unconscious levels). Over the holidays I shared many great hours with friends and family. One such event ended with the consumption of fortune cookies (smile). My favorite fortune cookie saying was this: “If you do not run your subconscious mind yourself, someone else will.” Declare independence today from personal and social angst and be happy! It’s only a thought away.

• Stress Tip of the Day
Happiness starts as a perception. Plant a seed in your unconscious mind tonight as you lay your head on your pillow and remind yourself of your desire to be happy…by doing so, you calibrate your mind to this perception (keep in mind, it might take several nights to germinate). Make a goal each day to find one thing that reminds you of your happiness perception (also known as an attitude of gratitude). Finally, practice smiling and see how often it is returned from people who, like you, might be having a very stressful day. If you can get your hands on it, I highly recommend the book, The Geography of Bliss, by Eric Weiner. It’s excellent!

• Links Worth Noting:
I was sent this video link over the holidays and it put me in a great mood for several dayas. By sharing this with you, it is my intention that it will do the same. I hope so. Enjoy! and…Happy New Year!

• Photo of the Day:
Pictured above is a photo of my dog, Logan, who escaped (much to my horror… and stress… smile) Christmas Eve morning. He had one heck of a romp in the foot of snow that fell the previous night. You never saw a dog so happy! All attempts to capture him succeeded (thank God), but not until he had frolicked for over an hour, teasing me (huskies are VERY SMART dogs) and getting to the know the neighbors three Llamas. Boy was I happy to get him back (he’s now under house arrest…smile). All in all, he seemed extremely happy to be back home too.

• Quote for the Day:
“Every situation has a good side and a bad side… each moment… you decide.”
— Anonymous

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