The Healing Power of Prayer

There are a great many coping techniques for stressful times; some effective, some ineffective (such as drinking, drugs and violence, for example). For a coping technique to be effective it should increase awareness of the problem and lead one down the path of resolution. Effective coping skills involve shifting the perception of “a threat” to something non-threatening. Prayer (also know as intention) in all its many forms, has been an effective coping technique since time began. Whether one offers words of thanks or cries for help, praying to someone or something bigger than ourselves offers a way to step outside the ego (stress), which after all, is what effective coping techniques are all about! Joseph Campbell noted in his study of stories and myths told over time, that there is what he called, the assistance of spiritual aids, whether they be angles, fairies, elves, gods, or perhaps some divine inner resources. Prayer is the hotline to the divine! As my friend, colleague and mentor Larry Dossey warns, “Be careful for what you pray for… you might just get it.” There has been much research (both pro and con) about the “effects” or out comes of prayer. But don’t put your faith (or skepticism) in somebody’s else’s work. Check it out this coping technique for yourself.

• Stress Tip For The Day
While everyone prays in their own way, are there better ways to pray?
Author Sophy Burnhan (A Book of Angels) offers a suggestion regarding prayer, which seems identical to what is taught in guided mental imagery:
1. Pray in the positive
2. Pray in the present moment
3. Offer thanks & gratitude
4. Detatch from the outcome
So today, consider this format during your next conversation with the Divine (whatever you conceive this to be), and while you’re at it, please put in a good healing request for the Gulf oil spill. Thanks!

• Links/Books Worth Noting:
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• Quote for the Day:
“If your prayers aren’t answered, its not that God didn’t hear you. He just said NO!” — Anonymous

“How come when you talk to God its called prayer, but when God talks to you its called Schizophrenia?”— Lily Tomliln

• Photo of the Day:
While in Turkey this summer, one of our hosts gave me a set of prayer beads. As he placed these in my hands he smiled and said proudly that they had been to Mecca, ensuring their authentic connection to the divine. The last day of the trip was spent in Istanbul. This photo was taken of a man sitting by the spice bazaar using his prayers beads (also called “worry beads”).

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