The Stress of Politics & The Politics of Stress

As we enter the countdown round of Double Jeopardy: The 2012 elections, take a deep breath and consider taking a political fast: Turn off the TV, radio and Internet news for a 24-48 hour period (longer if you can). Political marketers and spin-masters have learned long ago that both fear and anger (negative campaigning and soundbytes) sell. What you may not know is that (unless you meditate) your primary instincts of fight or flight rule your behavior), making you most susceptible to this nonsense. Simply stated, you walk around all day more anger and more anxious. NOT GOOD! Having just returned from a group trip abroad (the Spirit of Italy Tour), I instituted a few ground rules the first day, including no political conversations about our national elections (everyone joyously agreed). As the expression goes, “opinions are like belly buttons. Everyone’s got one. ” No one needs any negativity on vacation (at least that kind). I am delighted to report that everyone happily complied the entire duration of the trip. But you don’t need to leave the country to make your own ground rules (also known as healthy boundaries). Fasting promotes the health of the human spirit.
Stress Tip for the Day
Take a fast from the news, negative ads and political rhetoric for a 24-48 hour period; longer if you can. Stay educated on the issues, but stay clear of the negativity. Consider implementing some healthy boundaries with your intake of news. Renowned physician, Andy Weil, even suggests NOT to watch TV while eating, as it tends to impact the even flow of your digestion.Through it all, learn to rise above the fray!
Links, Books and/or Movies of Note
What are you going to do with all of that free time on your hands by not watching television? Pick up a good book. Here is a recommendation. OPEN, by Andre Agassi. Here is another: Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backward. And I highly recommend the movie, Brother Son, Sister Moon (about the life of St. Francis)
Quote of the Day
“Take rest. A field that has rested gives a bountiful harvest.” — Ovid
Photo of the Day
While in Tuscany, Italy last week, our tour group took a side trip to Assisi, the famed town of St. Francis. Assisi is recognized as an international City of Peace, as expressed in the first line of St. Francis’s most famous prayer: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.”Enjoy!
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