The Virtue of Patience

Have you noticed how impatient people seem today? Everything is rush, rush, rush. I just returned from a trip to the Caribbean (doing some last filming for my documentary on the healing power of nature). In case you forgot, let me remind you; airports are a GREAT place to study stress and human behavior. It wasn’t long ago that cross-country travel, not to mention international travel, would have taken weeks, if not months (how quickly we forget?) There are lots of impatient people in the skies these days. Impatience is a precursor to rudeness. It’s not just airports where patience is a lost art; its grocery stores, post offices, and least we forget, traffic intersections. Impatience is a form of anger, and anger is one half of the fight or flight response. Impatience is the ego’s way of saying, “I am more important than you, let me through.” Patience is indeed a virtue, particularly in times of stress.

• Stress Tip for the Day:
Observe your behavior today. Are you caught in a rut of impatience? What’s the hurry? Step outside yourself and take an honest look at your behavior. Is the world really going to end if you don’t make it through that next yellow traffic light? Engaging in the act of patience is a muscle we all need to exercise regularly. Make a practice to step back, take a deep breath, and wait a moment.

• Books Worth Noting:
While on board a flight to the Caribbean, I started and finished Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol. I was really pleased to see how he wove in some of the concepts of higher consciousness through his exposure to the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Aside from being a great story, in his own way, Brown does a great job to elevate consciousness as well. It’s a good read, and should make for a great movie (fingers crossed on that one).

• Photo of the Day:
This photo is of an Irish farmer and his little daughter, near the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland. Ireland is a magical country filled with stunning beauty, great music and mystical Celtic ruins.
Inspiration Unlimited has a trip to Ireland scheduled next June (summer solstice) to experience it all. We have 8 spots (out of 20) left. The first deadline to sign up is Nov 5th. Below is a link with all of the information. Please direct all questions to MaryJo at (303) 439.0948. If you have ever wanted to visit Ireland and the old country… this is the perfect chance.

Quote for the Day:
“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” —St. Augustine

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