To Tell The Truth!

It’s fear that causes us to lie. Simply stated, the ego feels insecure about the course of our actions (often motivated by fear). So… to avoid embarrassment, we bend the truth, tell a white lie, or in some cases a whopper! Lies may see like a way to avoid the pain of embarrassment, but it doesn’t take long to see the foundations of trust, either in a friendship or working relationship crumble, then disintegrate! Once trust is violated, it’s hard to ever get that back. Ironically, it’s
stress that can cause one to lie, and it is stress that becomes compounded when one perpetuates the lie(s). The weight of a lie can be a heavy burden. Living with the incongruency of a falsehood tears at the heart. This, in turn, affects (taints) all other behavior. Many people have made the news with their whopper lies including Martha Stewart, Barry Bonds, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Things are not looking good for Lance Armstrong, either. But are we any different, really?
Taking the high road means to walk the path of integrity, domesticating the ego to be our bodyguard, not the CEO of our lives. Telling the truth is the noble course of action.

• Stress Tip For The Day:
Make a habit to observe your thoughts today (and every day). When you catch a fear-based lie passing through your lips (preferably before), stop, ponder and explain your fear then correct your communication and ask for forgiveness. Making peace with yourself at the earliest possible moment is one of the surest ways to return to inner peace.

Links/Books Worth Noting:
I would like to recommend a really good book on forgiveness. It’s by Fred Luskin (who does research on forgiveness out of Stanford University), and it’s called Forgive for Good.

• Quote for the Day:

“Tell the truth… it’s easier to remember!” — Mark Twain

• Photo of the Day:
It will be quite sad if we learn that Lance Armstrong fell under the spell of fear in an effort to win the Tour de France. Time will tell and I wish him well. This photo was taken in Colorado at one of our many cycling races. Enjoy!

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