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Free will or fate? This question rivals the “nature or nurture” argument regarding how much control do we actually have in our lives. With free will, we have all the control, and all the blame. With fate, we can claim no control, yet none of the responsibility. Perhaps the answer regarding free will or destiny is we share a little of both. As someone once explained it to me, the bus is scheduled to come down the street and stop. Whether you choose to hop on is entirely up to you. Regardless of the free will vs. destiny question, the issue of trust arises; trust in ourselves, or trust in something bigger than ourselves; more likely trust in both. A common phrase I hear among friends and colleagues (and one I use myself) is this: Trust the Universe! In essence, it’s a team effort (like an orchestra, and yes,,metaphorically speaking, there is a conductor who keeps tempo). Using the orchestra metaphor, it is up to us to tune our instruments, practice our skills, and keep up with everyone else on the team. Even those who play solos still play in tune with the rest of the orchestra. Trusting the universe also means knowing when to play the solo and when to be still. Being still is “code” for letting go, releasing, or detaching from the outcome of how you think things are supposed to be. Trusting the Universe (God) means having faith that, in the end, it will all work out as it should. In hindsight, we often recognize this wisdom.

Stress Tip for the Day:
Control issues (also known as control dramas) make up a large percentage of chronic stressors. How much trust do you place in yourself on your own human journey? Are you in alignment with the Universe or do you fight it? Take some time to do some soul searching on this issue. Learn to find that delicate balance between honoring yourself (and what it takes to get things done with your effort) and honoring that which is beyond you but very much a part of you. Links/Books/Movies Worth Noting:

Quote for the Day:

“When I’m trusting and being myself as fully as possible, everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously.” — Anonymous

Photo for the Day:
Rainbows are often a symbol of trust. Yesterday we had several rainbows throughout the day and although I didn’t have my camera with me (big mistake!), and as the expression goes, no rain, no rainbows.” This rainbow photo was taken in Kauai…Enjoy!

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