Under A Tuscan Sun: Lessons on life from Italy!

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Greetings from Tuscany! Today’s blog entry comes to you from Pienza, Italy; a land where people really know how to live! And manage stress. The pace of life here is comfortable. People don’t know the meaning of the world “rush.” They embrace life through the five senses: the aromas, the music, the artwork, the cool autumn breezes, and the food. Did I mention the food? Fresh tomato sauce. Basal picked fresh out of the garden. Pasta (gluten free, even) in a delicious cheese sauce, virgin olive oil spread on top and tiramisu for desert. People walk everywhere. They look into their friend’s eyes when conversing and everyone greets you hello. There is even romance in the air for those inclined in this direction. Life is bigger than life, and that is how life is supposed to be.

Stress Tip for the Day:

Follow some advice from the Tuscans… relax! Cook a meal from scratch tonight. Enjoy the company of friends this afternoon. Chew your food slowly and savor each taste. Listen to some Vivaldi, Corelli, Scarlatti or Andrea Bocelli. Go for a sunset walk. Enjoy a gelato. Enjoy the good life, no matter where you are! Life is too short to worry or fret. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Links/Books/Movies Worth Noting:

There are scores of movies to add to the Tuscan ambiance including the most renown: Under a Tuscan Sun. But don’t stop there: Enchanted April or A Room With a View are also great movies.

Here is a link to some books about Tuscany. Enjoy


Quote for the Day:

“The world cracks open for those willing to take a risk.” — Frances Mayes, author, Under A Tuscan Sun

Photo for the Day:

It may be iconic, but hey, that’s why people come to Tuscany… the land of icons, from Florence to Siena. This photo was taken earlier today moments after sunrise from my hotel room…. Enjoy!

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