Wall Street Jitters, Main Street Stress

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Money, or the lack of it, has been a stressor for a great many people for a great many eons. Money may make the world go round, but the lack of it can be devastating. The current economic situation, from Greece to Italy to Wall Street, echoes of greed, more greed, corruption and stress, with more stress to come, as more banks, according to experts, begin to fall like dominos. Stress management teaches people to live in the present moment, yet financial wellness insists that we keep an eye on the future with our savings and investments to ensure a greater sense of comfort with the future present moment. A new study has come out to show that after a certain point (about $75,000) more money doesn’t create happiness. Conversely, it seems to create more stress, in the form of greed, fear, even anger. Most people pay banks to hold their money, and end up hemorrhaging money left and right with service fees, etc.. It doesn’t have to be this way. Think credit unions! Be smart with your money. Make it work for you. Vote with your checkbook and caveat emptor!

Stress Tip for The Day:

A conversation among several social luminaries made an interesting monetary suggestion several months ago and it’s a good one. Open up a checking and savings account with your local credit union and transfer your money out of the corporate banking system into your own local neighborhood. As more and more corporate banks begin to charge a host of new fees (e.g., the use of your own debit card, banking online fees, etc.), having control of your own money is your best option. It may seem like a hassle transferring your funds from one bank to another, but a few hours of your time today will be a good investment down the road (particularly as Big banks create more havoc from Wall Street to Main Street. By the way, Credit Unions also provide mortgages and car loans, and with interest rates decreasing, it is a good time to consider refinancing your loans. Healthy boundaries with your money and spending habits are essential to effective stress management. Starting paying attention to your finances today.

Links/Books/Movies Worth Noting:

Here are some links to the Huffington Post blog about Banks and Credit Unions…. Please educate yourself…and please consider watching the documentary, The Inside Job, about the banking scandal.




Quote for the Day:

“In the credit unions, individuals combine together to form an organization which they themselves control and operate.” — Karl S. Little

“Where’s that money? Do you realize what this means? It means bankruptcy and scandal and prison! That’s what it means! One of us is going to jail… well, it’s not gonna be me!” — George Bailey, It’s a Wonderful Life

Photo of the Day:

I had hoped to take a photo of some Euros before I turned them back in after my trip to Tuscany, but I forgot. When this cartoon arrived in my in box, I knew it was too good not to share.

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