Coming Home: Drop the Story and Declare Victory

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There are some people who get stuck in the retelling of their own life story. They are the ones who repeatedly remind anyone who will listen how bad (stressful) their life is. These stories are punctuated with a recapitulation of horrible events and much suffering. By repeating the worse chapters in their lives over and over again, they become a caricature of a victim. They wear the label of a victim on our forehead. Renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell reminds us that in every good story (and there are many bad ones) has three parts: 1) the departure (mild stress), 2) the initiation (lots of stress) and 3) the return home (resolution and celebration). The story of the prodigal son is a great example of the Hero’s Journey. So is the story of Pinocchio. The story of the victim is a bad story, yet it is a common one. Each of us in not only a character in our own life story, we are the author as well.
Stress Tip for the Day:
How do you turn a bad story into a good story? You can begin by dropping the label of victim; in essence, drop the story (the ball and chain of victimization) and head home. Coming home is a metaphor for returning to homeostasis or inner peace. So today, make a habit of eavesdropping on the conversations you share with people. Are you the victim or the victor? Do you see validation for your stress, but turn that validation into a whirlpool of anger/anxiety and dive in? Drop the story and come on home. Its time to celebrate the best parts of life, and there are many of them to celebrate. Come on home!
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 Here is a link on the topic of victimization;

Quote for the Day:
“Come down off the cross. Someone needs the firewood for heating their home.” —Anonymous.
Photo for the Day:
As I write this blog entry, I am in the region of Tuscany, Italy, where the endearing story of Pinocchio was created.  Enjoy!
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