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One of the most profound questions you can ever ask yourself is this: Why am I here? The question begs to know what is our purpose in life. Perhaps the cornerstone of one’s life purpose is to express your special talent(s). That unique ability that allows you to make the world a better place and bring joy to your heart as well. Is it your sense of humor? Your sense of creativity (and if so, demonstrated how?). Renowned mythologist called this “following your bliss.” Anyone who has ever watched the myriad of talent shows knows that there are many people with some amazing talent (and not just singing). What is a wasted life? Luminaries will tell you it is someone who fails to use their unique gift to make the world a better place. Apathy, laziness and stress can derail one’s efforts. As the expression goes, it’s a combination of inspiration and perspiration. Talents and gifts don’t necessarily translate into cash or fame. They do, however, allow you to reach your highest potential and that after all is what we are all here for.
Stress Tip for the Day:
Using your unique gift is another way of being your authentic self; also known as living your truth. While many people say they cannot do this because their lives are too stressed, perhaps a better way to look at this is that stress becomes magnified when we fail to use our unique gifts. So… what are your gifts? Make a strategy today to express yourself at your highest potential (whatever that might be) to make the world a better place. Allow your spirit to fly and your soul to shine bright today.
Links and Books Worth Noting:
One of my favorite singers is Eva Cassidy. Eva is someone who never gave up on her gift, despite the fact that she could never get a recording contract. Ironically, after her death, her music has sold millions, reaching a level of fame that escaped her in life (somewhere here there is a message: do what you love and follow your bliss anyway).
Here is a link of Eva Cassidy singing The Tennessee Waltz. Enjoy!
Quote for the Day:
“Your life is God’s gift to you. How you choose to life your life, is your gift to God.” — Anonymous.
Photo for the Day:
While walking down the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, I saw this artist sharing his talented gifts make the world a better place (for everyone walking by.) Enjoy!
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