Defining Moments

If you were asked to use one word or term to define yourself, you may give a look of frustration. Most of us would say this nearly impossible to do (e.g., father, artist, husband, brother, author, environmentalist, etc.). Yet as hard as this may seem, many people actually do define themselves with labels based on one defining moment in their lives: Rape victim. Cancer Survivor. Recovering Alcoholic. Refugee. Divorcee. Co-dependent. Labels may be helpful at the start of a situation but in time, they can become a gilded cage of sorts. Soon not only do we invest all of your energy into this identity or label, but others soon label us this way as well, making it hard to realize our full potential. Defining moments certainly help build character, if we allow them to do so.

Stress Tip for the Day:

How would you define yourself? Can you do it in one word or phrase? It this word or phrase an adjective or noun? Do you limit yourself to one word or phrase? Is there a label you use to define yourself? These are important questions to ask (and keep asking yourself) as you navigate the human journey. Labels can either be the gas pedal or brakes in how you drive your life. Do the labels you give yourself enhance your human potential, or detract from it. If you don’t like (or more likely, have outgrown the label you use, you can always create another. Pick something that will enhance your potential. Write it down on a sticky note and post it where you can see it, with the promise that as if becomes as is.

Links/Books/ Movies Worth Noting:
If you think you might like to read more about the concept of defining moments, here is a link by psychotherapist, Mel Schwartz… enjoy

Quote for the Day:
“Once a victim, twice a volunteer.” — Anonymous

Photo for the Day: I am back in Ireland at the present moment doing a photo expedition and scouting out some new places for a possible tour next year. This photo was taken at a stately manor (the Adare Manor) in Adare, Ireland and although it has nothing to do with today’s blog, the artwork on this castle wall is nothing less than amazing. Enjoy!

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