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It’s admirable to be “driven” with work, even pleasure at times. Yet a serious demeanor in all situations eventually becomes a noose around one’s own neck. The ego’s role is that of protector, yet in an effort for domination and control, the ego puts on a very serious face in the hopes for a promotion to CEO. Wearing a mask of serious intent often reveals high drama, perfectionism and control issues. While this content may make for interesting TV viewing, not so in real life! To be honest, it gets boring fast when there is no character development. People who can engage in self-deprecating humor (without sacrificing one’s self-esteem) are the real stars of the show. Learning to take yourself lightly when things don’t go right, or when the unexpected happens at the worst possible moment is an admirable skill in coping with stress. Taking oneself lightly (without the sharpness of sarcasm) is a prime example of learning to walk in balance, also known as “grace under pressure.”

• Stress Tip(s) for the Day:
Perhaps Shakespeare was right: All the word’s a stage and we are merely actors upon it. If this is true, can you distinguish yourself from the actor your play? All reality show jokes aside, if your life was portrayed on the screen today (TV or the silver screen) would it be a drama or situation comedy? A boring documentary? How is your character development progressing? Can you laugh at yourself when you make mistakes, or things that don’t go as perfectly planned? Now is the time to start laughing! When all else fails, ask yourself this question: Will any of this make a difference a year from now?

• Links/Books Worth Noting:
This link is well known for showing the failure rate of the human species (note this site is not for everyone)

• Photo of the Day:
The cold morning air is a perfect time for hot air balloons and I see many of them while jogging after sunrise, including this morning. This particular photo was taken a few years ago from my backyard looking toward Rocky Mountain National Park.

• Quote for the Day:
“Angels fly because they take themselves lightly. When We do the same we allow our spirits to soar.”— Anonymous

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.” —Woody Allen

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