Let the Banker Beware!

There is a lot of stress around money these days (perhaps there always has been), but since Congress tightened the regulations of credit card companies last year, banks (many of which are in trouble financially) are now scheming other ways to make money by adding even more service fees and finance charges to your hard earned money. A recent program on NPR’s Fresh Air highlighted many of these “hidden” service fees, most of which the average person is totally unaware. Below in the heading Links Worth Noting I including the link to the transcript of the show. I encourage you to read it, and follow up with more information. By the way, cell phone companies, auto dealerships, cable companies and other business are taking similar approaches to sift money away from you into their coffers. Don’t get stressed. Get informed. Let the buyer (that’s you!) beware!

• Stress Tip of the Day:
Read your bank statement (and credit card statements) carefully. Question all charges and service fees. Shop around…including credit unions (which for the most part are supposed to be non-profit). Don’t hemorrhage your money!

• Links Worth Noting:
Here is the link to the NPR interview… Please take some time to read through this.

The following link was made by a filmmaker regarding the economic crisis after a dinner conversation with Arianna Huffington. Food for thought:


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Right now it’s very cold in Colorado with snow in the forecast…in fact, it is cold in many parts of the country…Brrrrr! Today’s photo is of Long Bay Beach on the island of Tortola, BVI. Enjoy!

• Quote for the Day:
“Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.” — Ben Franklin

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