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I was reminded of the beauty of the Hawaiian language during my trip to the Big Island of Hawaii where I spoke at the Healing Touch International Conference last week. We were all reminded by several speakers that in the Hawaiian culture, everything is regarded as energy, including words. Words can heal. Words can also damage another’s heart. I was reminded of the proverb that states that words are like arrows… once they leave your mouth, they cannot be retrieved. It takes work to be mindful of your thoughts as you speak. This is one reason why meditation is so helpful. It trains the mind to observe one’s thoughts. Rarely do we become mindful of our thoughts as we speak them. For many people, the filters that guard these words are gone, removed by ego. Mind your thoughts. Please choose your words carefully.

Stress Tip for the Day:

Be mindful of your thoughts today, particularly the ones that leave your lips. Be careful not to offer mixed messages as well. Speak kindly, and filter your thoughts before they leave your mouth. Let your words be feathers, not arrows today (and every day).

Quote for the Day:

“Thoughts are energy, they can kill or cure.” — Bernie Seigel, M.D.

Photo of the Day:

I just returned from my trip to Hawaii. I took this photo of a red water lily where I was staying on the Big Island. Many thoughts go through our heads, though few beautiful ones, like this lily. Enjoy!

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