Raindrops on Roses

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Today is a symbolic day of giving thanks, of showing appreciation and giving praise to all things that mean something important to us. We, of the western world and of American citizenship, take so much for granted. We live a life of privilege, yet, for the most part you would never know it, based on how much people complain and whine. By and large, we act like a bunch of spoiled brats. Today is a day to “recalibrate the heart.” It is day to rest our mindset in the direction of gratitude, for there is much to be grateful for. Today is a day to count our blessings, even the simplest things, like raindrops on roses. It is easy to take things for granted under times of stress. It is even easier to see ourselves as victims and become blind to all the things going right for us in this world. Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens are metaphors for recalibrating the heart, from fear to love. And.. thanks for visiting this health education blog… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

• Stress Tip for the Day:
One of my colleagues, Ilan Shamir, has an exercise called, 1,000 Things Went Right Today. Rather than focusing on the negative, he invites people to put an emphasis on the positive, and there is much to be positive about, regardless of your present situation. He asks people to make a list of all the things that went right for you today (He asks for 1,000. When I pass out this exercise, I only ask for 10… for starters). So…if you can breath, put that down. If you can smell the turkey cooking, add that to your list as well. Start with the little things that you take for granted. Begin to recalibrate your heart and mind in the direction of light and love.
* As a side note, tonight (or soon thereafter) pull out the movie The Sound of Music and take note of all the stress management techniques used: Music therapy, positive affirmations, prayer, support groups, acceptance, compassion, creative problem solving, faith… the list goes on. The Sound of Music is many things to many people, but to me (aside from being a great story with unforgettably great music,) it’s a series of lessons in effective stress management!

• Books Worth Noting:
If you can get your hands on it, please consider reading Maria von Trapp’s book, The Trapp Family Singers. This is the book that the famous movie is based. They only used the first 10 chapters or so… the rest of the book is equally compelling. And.. if your ever get up to Stowe, Vermont, I highly recommend you stop in to the Trapp Family Lodge for a cup of tea, or better yet, stay the night!

• Photo of the Day:
I never had the privilege of meeting the real Maria von Trapp, but I did frequent her lodge quite often while living in Vermont. Here is a photo of the inspiration behind the musical and movie, The Sound of Music.

• Quote for the Day:
“Music acts like a key to which the most tightly closed heart opens.” Maria von Trapp

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