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2020 has proven to be a most challenging year (with the promise of more challenges to come. ) We have all had to learn to adapt to the shifting sands, and hang on tight during these ferocious winds of change. For the past 22 years I have hosted a most remarkable personal growth retreat in the Colorado Rockies and this year will be no different. However, because of the rapidly changing dynamics and the limitations imparted by the Covid-19 Pandemic, I accepted the challenge to try something new. Many people have asked, (some even pleaded), for me to create some kind of virtual retreat package. So I did. I went into the recording studio and recorded some of my most popular guided meditations from previous retreats, as well as prerecorded the opening and closing ceremonies. I also included some additional important bits of content to round things out. The retreat, as many of you know, is quite informal, and with that in mind, it was very easy to sit in front of a mic and create the ambiance of healing, innear peace and joy. I encourage you to recreate this same ambiance in your designed retreat space. So, if you cannot make it to Vail, Colorado this fall, but would like to join us in a selfpaced retreat protocol (and join in the field of like-minded retreaters pooling their energy to make themselves and the world a better place), we would love to have you join us. No Zoom meetings, just a wonderful alchemy of ageless wisdom pre-recorded as MP3 podcasts and a few video presentations for a full weekend of rest, relaxation and restoration that you will have access to for a lifetime.

Please, Come Join Us… for a very special mountain retreat workshop…

  • For seekers looking to unplug from the hectic “U.S. of Stress” and re-invigorate your human
  • For all those ready to take the next step on their healing journey by unlocking the doors of the
    unconscious mind and creating the foundation for new healthy lifestyle habits.
  • For people longing to relax, recharge and master the essential relaxation skills to live gracefully
    in an ever changing 24-7 society.
  • This unique retreat weekend offers essential insights, coping and relaxation skills for both
    personal growth and professional development, honoring the harmony of mind, body, spirit and


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