Stress and Your Approaching Retirement

Baby boomers take note: Financial experts are worried about our future and for good reason… the percentage of working adults who are not preparing themselves for retirement is alarming. Millennials should take note too. There is a real paradox in the message of stress management. The goal is to live in the present moment, not feel guilty of the past or worry about the future. When it comes to saving for retirement, many people, too many people, however do live in the present moment (this behavior borders on denial yet not amount of meditation will make money manifest out of thin air). Here is the catch; to live in the present moment does not mean to avoid preparing for the future. With pensions evaporating in thin air, fluctuations in the stock market, health care issues social security, and other financial turbulence these days one cannot expect to live comfortably in the golden years without a serious sound financial strategy. Living in a society of instant gratification often leaves one empty handed in the senior years and that is code for a life of stress. To borrow the boys scout motto, “Be prepared.”
Stress Tip for the Day
If you don’t already have a financial planner, it’s time to get one (even if you have a 401k Plan at work). Ask around…querry your friends. Do your homework…A good financial planner will tell you straight up how you can expect to live based on what you have already and will suggest what you need to do if you wish to continuing living in moderate comfort (or end up being a Walmart Greeter the rest of your life).  As my financial planner said to me year a decade ago, “Don’t feel guilty about what you haven’t done. Start today and keep with it.”It’s to your advantage to know what a 401K, Roth IRA, SEP accounts are as well as the concept of multiple streams of income and passive income as well.
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Here is a PDF Financial Planner link to get you thinking about financial planning for your retirement no matter how old/young you are: Please download this and give it a serious review:
Quotes for the Day
“To enjoy a long, comfortable retirement, save more today.” —Suze Orman
“I love the Roth IRA. Tax free income in retirement is truly a great deal.” _Suze Orman
Photo For the Day
I found this image on line and thought it might reinforce what happens without a good retirement plan. Enjoy!
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