Technology: Master or Servant?

I can recall Walter Cronkite telling his TV audience decades ago that technology, in the years to come, was going to simplify peoples lives to the extent that Americans would have oodles of leisure time. So emphatic was he that it was predicted Americans might even become fat and lazy with so much leisure time. Well, he was partially right. But what he and so many others didn’t factor into the technology equation was the human ego with an unending desire to be needed. That which was supposed to be our servant (providing information, and so many other conveniences for the rich life) has become the master and we are technology’s servants, or so it seems. Experts now have a name for the syndrome known as slavery to technology: “Screen addiction.” And it is everywhere… and causing much stress for a great many people. One of the greatest casualties of screen addictions is youngsters, when parents cannot break away from the internet or cell phone long enough to be present with their children.

Stress Tip for The Day:

Is technology your slave or master? Do you show signs and behaviors of a screen addiction? Do you take your lap top, cell phone, Ipod and Blackberry on vacation with you? Do you use more than one cell phone at a time? As the expression goes, technology is neither bad nor good; it all depends on our behavior with its use that makes it so. Take some time examine your boundaries with your technology. Do you even have healthy boundaries with the technology you use? Take this week to refine your technology habits by pulling in the reins and letting technology server you rather than having you give your power away to it and having it become your master. For starters, know it’s OK not to have your cell phone turned on all the time, nor feel the need to answer it, or check emails every five minutes of the day.

Quote for the Day:

“(Technology) is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal, that there is no human relationship between master and slave.” —Adapted from a quote of Leo Tolstoy

Photo of the Day:
While I could have placed a photo of someone addicted to their cell phone or blackberry, I chose to include a photo of an amazing sunrise this morning. Enjoy

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