The Secret of Happiness is Contentment

There is much talk today of happiness and the ways to reach it. Happiness, however, isn’t a destination to reach. It’s a perception, a mindset. There are those that believe that people are born with this mindset. There are others who believe that each of us can achieve this perception merely by redirecting our thoughts. Both are true. Sometimes it takes a really stressful event to make us realize how grateful we are for what we have rather than desiring what we don’t have.  The secret to happiness is contentment; a stillpoint of realization that happiness is found within, not through external measures and possessions. Contentment is more than being grateful for the small things in life, it’s being grateful for simply being. Contentment is a song the heart sings in the quiet moments of the day. Can you hear it?
Stress Tip for the Day:
It is human nature to want things to fill the void that we think the echo of happiness creates.  This echo really comes from the heart’s song. True happiness begins inside with the realization that we are a gift  to the world and life is a gift to us as well. Make a list of 25 things that bring joy to your life that are already in your life, including the things you take for granted. Post this list on the bathroom mirror or fridge and let it remind you of the power of contentment. If you wish, make another list of 25 things you are grateful of. Post this list too. Finally, in your meditation sit still and meditate on the power of contentment. Be happy!
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Quote for the Day:
“Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty.” — Socrates
“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” —Cicero
Photo for the Day:
While walking through a park in the Hamptons last week, I held my hand out (as an expression of joy) and a chickadee landing on my fingertips. That made me happy! Enjoy
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