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The Physics of Stress?

The word, “stress” comes to us from the field of physics. Coined over 100 years ago, it means enough force to bend or break an object. Apparently the word stuck. If you have ever felt […]

Much to Be Thankful For…

In the season of Thanksgiving, gratitude is a gift of conscious recognition that we have many blessings in our lives. Enjoy the day and be sure to tell those people in your life how much […]

Stress and Death: A Good Day to Die?

I had the chance to sit down with my Godmother a few weeks ago while in New England (my parents died several decades ago) and it wasn’t long before the subject of death came up […]

Of Character, Integrity and Stress

Like so many people, I was aghast at the news out of Penn State last week. The whole ugly travesty is a classic case study in stress and character (how NOT to act in the […]

Try On Some Rose Colored Glasses Today

When the Pollyanna character was introduced into the American Culture, she was THE personification of optimism during the Great Depression. With a little sophistication and perhaps cynicism of the 60’s, the name “Pollyanna” became synonymous […]

Friday Morning Humor Therapy

Once again we will skip the theory and move to the application… have a great day and a stress-free weekend. JOKE: A Wall Street executive was fed up with his job and the lack of […]

The Art of Solitude

It was with amazement that I sat at an airport restaurant a few weeks ago and overheard an hour-long conversation in which the man sitting next to me gave a play-byplay overview of a baseball […]