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Friday Morning Humor Therapy

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Once again we will skip the theory and move to the application… have a great day and a stress-free weekend.

JOKE: A Wall Street executive was fed up with his job and the lack of integrity with his company, so he sold off all of his belongings and decided to join a monastery. During his interview he was told it was a “silent order” and could only speak one sentence at the end of each year during his meeting with the Monsignor. When he agreed, he was admitted to the order of the silent monk.

From the first day he was the model monk, saying the most prayers, singing the Gregorian chants beautiful like Frank Sinatra and earning the most money for the Abby with his jams and jellies. At the end of his first year, the Monsignor called him in his office and said, “Monk John, you have one sentence to say, what is it?”

Monk John said, “The beds are lumpy.” Then went back to the chapel to say more prayers.

The next year, Monk John was equally pious and again was the model monk. At the end of the second year, the Monsignor called him into his office and and said, Brother John, you have one sentence to say what is it?”

“The food is lousy,” Monk John replied. He then left the Monsignor’s office and practiced his Gregorian chants.

At the end of the third year, again he was called into the Monsignor’s office for his yearly review.

“Monk John,” the monsignor said, “you are a model monk in the silent order, what do you have to say for yourself.”

“I quit,” said Monk John, to which the Monsignor said,

“Quite frankly it doesn’t surprise me, you have done nothing but complain since you’ve been here.”

Stress Tip for the Day: The word humor means fluid or moisture. Humor is a metaphor for going with the flow, particularly with things we cannot control. As we approach the holiday season, remember to take yourself lightly, and try to find the humor in all things. It’s there, you just have to remind yourself to laugh.

• Links/Books Worth Noting:

If you haven’t seen this link of Laurel & Hardy dancing to Santana’s Oy Comma Va, you should… it will surely bring a smile to your face. Enjoy!

• Quote for the Day:

“Did you ever wonder why hemorrhoids are called hemorrhoids and not asteroids?” —George Carlin

• Photo of the Day:

Speaking of Wall Street, in honor of those trying to wake up America to the corruption of corporate America, today’s photo was passed along to me as an email and was just to precious not to share. While I surely support the 99% (of which I am a part), we all have to learn to take ourselves lightly.

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