Antiodidants to the Rescue!

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There are many types of stress. While much attention is placed on emotional stress these days, there are environmental stressors one should not ignore, specifically free radicals. In simplest terms, free radicals are oxygen molecules with an aberrant electron. We breathe these in quite regularly. In a perfect world, the foods we eat negate any harmful effects of these free radicals and all is well. When all is not well, the damage of free radicals in the body includes cell wall damage as well as damage to the DNA, RNA and mitochondria in the cell. The end result of such cellular havoc can range from cancer to heart disease (not to mention rapid aging) and much more. Many fruits and vegetables contain a wealth of antioxidants that destroy free radicals, thus promoting homeostasis (health) in the body. HOWEVER…today people’s eating habits are less than perfect. In fact, they are attrocious! To be clear about this, there are no antioxidants in ice cream, potato chips, doughnuts or tiramisu; in short junk food, processed food and the foods people often take comfort in when they are stressed. Is there a connection between poor eating habits and poor health? You bet!

• Stress Tip for the Day:
As we approach the summer months, the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables is amazing! Consider shifting your appetite of comfort foods toward colorful fruits and vegetables (organic wherever possible!) Your body will thank you!

• Books/Links Worth Noting:
Two books that should be on everybody’s bookshelf these days are 1) The Omnivore’s Dilemma and 2) In Defense of Food, both by noted athor, Michael Pollan. The information in these books will clearly change the way you see food and with any luck shift some of your eating habits in the direction of great health and longevity.
Here is a presentation by Michael as well:

• Photo of the Day:
A beautiful bowl of organic blueberries

• Quote for the Day:
“Sixty percent of all cancers could be eliminated if people ate healthier foods.”
— The American Cancer Society

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