Domesticate Your Ego!

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Where there is stress, the ego is not far behind! Your ego is necessary for survival, afterall… it’s the ego that pulls the alarm for “fight or flight” when you are in physical danger. Metaphorically speaking, the ego is the bodyguard for the soul. It is the ego’s role to get you out of harm’s way. But today, few of our stressors are of a physical nature. Most are mental, emotional or spiritual stressors. Yet regardless of the source of stress, the ego acts the same way pulling the stress alarm, defending our thoughts, perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and opinions. Moreover, it lives (controls) by the motto, “If some is good, more has got to be better!” Remember, the ego is supposed to be the bodyguard, not the CEO! In the western hemisphere of the world, there is an expression that says, “Keep your ego in check.” In the eastern culture, one might here the expression, “Domesticate your ego (or you will have poop all over the place).” Never let your ego eclipse the light of your soul. Remember, the ego is not the bad guy. After all, ego is directly tied to self-esteem. Still and all, where there is unresolved stress, there is ego…pushing its agenda of control (which often times is an illusion of control where we often give our power away), thus perpetuating our stress. One reason why meditation is thought to help reduce stress is that it helps you observe your ego and thus learn to domesticate it.

• Stress Tip for the Day:
Every now and then, in the course of your day today, stop and listen to your thoughts. See if you can distinguish the voice of the ego, from the voice of your soul. Ego-based thoughts are often fear-based and negative. Soul based thoughts are affirming and lead you to your highest potential.

• Links Worth Noting:
Ken Wilber hosts an incredible website, featuring interviews with some of the most remarkable luminaries of our time. If you are a fan of Ken Wilber, then you already know this, but if you are not familiar with his work, this link is a good introduction to the man and his vision. Enjoy!

• Photo of the Day:
Hawaii is a favorite place of mine to vacation and do photography. This photo was taken on the north shore of Oahu when the waves were reported to be some of the highest they had ever seen. Naturally, this made for some great surfing, which in turn lead to some great photography moments.

• Quote for the Day:
“Attitude is the paintbrush we choose to color the world.”

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