Detoxing the Mind

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Even if there were no Internet, no twitter, no cell phones, nor Facebook, there would be plenty of distractions to cause an overload of mental stimulation (also known as STRESS!) Our minds are barraged with a multitude of thoughts and feelings—the majority of which are generated from the ego. It is the ego which trips the “fight or flight” alarm to make one feel threatened, and today, egos are running rampant. It is the ego which perpetuates stress. The plethora of tech gadgets, as well as other external distractions, only add to the mix, or perceptions of it. When the mind is overloaded with stimuli, good or bad, too much stimuli becomes bad. The result is that we cannot think straight. Ancient mystics knew this (and long before the creation of the first computer). Ancient mystics and wisdom keepers also knew the importance of quieting the mind, domesticating the ego and allowing the mind to “think straight” rather than zig-zaged (also known as “monkey mind” in the East.) Quieting the mind is best done by meditating: sitting still, and cleansing the mind of the ego’s chitter-chatter. In some circles, meditation is considered nothing less than detoxing the mind. Detoxing the mind should be part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Its that important!

Stress Tip for the Day:
Establish a healthy boundary today by carving out 5 minutes to sit quietly. Unplug from the world, turn down the lights, close your eyes and think of nothing but your breathing. If you mind wanders, and most likely it will, redirect your thoughts back to your breathing. This is a simple process for learning to detox your mind. The best time to start is today!

Link/Books Worth Noting:
Here is one of many links underlying the importance of a mental detox, enjoy!

• Quote for the Day:
“I finally get meditation…It’s like deleting old emails.” 8th grader at Sunset Middle School.

Photo of the Day:
My friend, Mark, doing some mental detox at the Botanical Gardens in Denver (way to go, Mark). Mark will be the first person to tell you the importance of meditation, particularly as a self-employed business man and father.

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