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Stress & Diabetes

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There is an epidemic of Type II diabetes in our culture and perhaps by no coincidence, there is an epidemic of stress as well. While lifestyle habits (diet and the lack of exercise) are often cited as factors associated with Type II diabetes, one should not ignore the stress and disease connection. Under stress, the body prepares for fight or flight. In doing so, a score of hormones work in unison to provide the means for survival. This includes increasing blood sugar levels for energy (needed to flight or flee), even if you consciously override the stress response and sit all day in front of a computer. To be clear, stress doesn’t cause Type II diabetes (as far as we know), but it certainly compounds the issue. In Type II diabetes, the pancreas still makes insulin, but the cells throughout the body are not able to allow the insulin to transport blood sugar (glucose) past the cell wall for energy production in any sufficient quantity. As a result, glucose remains in the blood, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels. At the same time, cells send hunger messages to the brain suggesting they need energy, causing one to feel the need to eat. Ultimately, this leads to obesity.

Stress Tip for the Day: One of the first things I learned about cardiovascular exercise is that regular bouts of exercise promote a healthy homeostasis within the body (including blood sugar levels). The benefits of exercise are many, but first and foremost, regular exercise helps flush the stress hormones out of the body and returns the body back to physiological homeostasis. Even walking serves as a great example of exercise. Please consider walking each day as an investment in your health.

Links, Books & Movies Worth Noting: I, along with many others, have been asked to be a contributor to Walk With Walgreen’s website; a special program established to help motivate people to get outside and walk for health and fitness. Here is the link. Please consider checking this out.

Quote for the Day: “Recent studies have revealed that children 8-10 years old are being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure at an alarming rate.” — Lee Haney

Photo for the Day: Today’s photo is of a person walking the beach in Hilton Head, SC, at sunrise… a great time to get out and walk.

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